The complete personal finance app for today and tomorrow.
See exactly where you are in all areas of your personal finances. Learn how your money can get you where you want to go.
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Phone image with the health of your Take Home, Expenses. Nest Egg, Goals, Debt and Emergencies.

How does Mogami work?

Complete 5 to 15 min. activities about your finances and immediately get honest findings and recommendations.
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Start with a personal step-by-step plan.

A few questions get you a personalized step-by-step plan based on your personal needs.
Built for families or
Ready for ALL ages
and life stages

Complete your plan's activities at your leisure.

Discover and gain insights into different areas of your finances with each activity.
Over 25 activities
For ALL aspects
of your finances
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Get helpful findings about your finances.

We instantly analyze your data and share helpful insights to help you better understand your finances.
Optimize your
personal taxes
Make the most
from your benefits

Get short and long term recommendations.

We constantly analyze your information and find opportunities to make more from what you have and improve your financial health.
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We help with all aspects of your finances. Stop using multiple apps.

Budgeting and Investing are important. However, goals, income, taxes, debt, expenses, and being ready for the unexpected are equally important. We we help you cover it all.
Nicole, African American 25 year old from Seattle, Washington.
Should I contribute to my 401k, invest, pay down loans?
Nicole, 25 Seattle, WA
How many deductions should I claim on my W-2 form?
Matt, 28 Seattle, WA
Matt, White Redheaded Male 28 years old from Seattle, Washington.
What's the right home size for me? What will it take?
Morgan, 24 Seattle, WA
Morgan, While Female 24 years old from Seattle, Washington.
Carolina, While Female 30 years old from Seattle, Washington.
How can I prepare for another long recession?
Carolina, 32 Seattle, WA
Linn, Asian Female 28 years old from Seattle, Washington.
What would it take to payoff my student loans in 10 years?
Linn, 28 Seattle, WA
How much and what types of insurance do I really need?
Rafael, 32 Seattle, WA
Rafael, Brown Male 32 years old from Seattle, Washington.
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Happier financial futures for everyone.

Our mission is to bring simple, comprehensive, and effective financial assistance to everyone. Leveraging machine-learning technology, we significantly lower costs and break from the traditional model of hourly fees, asset minimums, appointments, and financial jargon. Follow your own design, step-by-step, and see your future take shape. Beautifully.
Co-Founder & CEO
Seattle, WA
We give you helpful expense references based on city, income, household, housing, and lifestyle.
Co-Founder & CTO
Mountain View, CA
We give you helpful expense references based on city, income, household, housing, and lifestyle.
UX/UI & Design Lead
Seattle, WA
We give you helpful expense references based on city, income, household, housing, and lifestyle.
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